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Virtual Organizing, West Palm Beach Home Organizers

During the pandemic, people were all cluttered due to the usual furniture, bags, or items they would buy in order to cope with the entire lockdown. However, this led to leaving many of them accumulated in rooms and spaces around the house and even business instead of prioritizing what should remain or not. At West Palm Beach Home Organizers, our team started supporting all homeowners and property owners with virtual organizing even before COVID-19, but our services have become even more crucial and essential since then. Hence, whenever you are looking for some support but cannot let people in or simply don’t want to, feel free to contact us.

Our service is completely remote, and thanks to new technologies, you won’t feel like you are missing something in your space and during the service. Instead, you get to keep the information a bit more confidential and remain relaxed during the process, and we all know that decluttering and organizing can be quite therapeutic.

Professional organizers will simply give you instructions and let you know the best way to handle all the items, furniture, and elements you have around your space. As a result, you will be able to find a better system for yourself and work around different requirements and how you can adapt the house or company to your lifestyle and everyone else if applies.

But for this, we kind of need to know the space available and dimensions and have a better idea of how much you have and how we can organize it so that our professionals can give you proper instructions. Therefore, the entire process of virtual organizing will involve a bit more work for you as you need to be actively and completely involved in how the organization of your place is done.

How Do We Make Virtual Organizing Possible?

By using all the tools and equipment, we have available. Now, in terms of processes and steps, there isn’t a specific science or trick behind making it work. But it is true that some steps or elements during the process need to be handled for proper optimization and results.

First, we will use all digital methods to reach out: Skype, FaceTime, Discord, Facebook, and any method that is comfortable for you. This way, you can get to know us; we will get to know you and your space and start explaining how the process will take place.

Second, our team will require a quick consultation and inspection. For this, you need to give us a tour of the space and, preferably, have the camera a bit further so that we can see more or less the dimensions. In all cases, we will request clients to measure their walls and entire areas so that we can have the exact dimensions.

Third, we proceed to give you an estimate of the amount of work involved and explain how this virtual organizing will take place for you. You are free to adapt the price, let us know when you are or are not comfortable with some details, and work with us to accommodate everything.

Fourth, our professional organizers start working as soon as you give us the green light. We will instruct you on how to sort, categorize, and dispose of or donate. In the case of the latter two, we will still facilitate this as we have companies and partners who help us make sure you have a place to count on.

Finally, we want to work on the furniture, how to create the system, get containers, and so on. But all this will be done yourself with visual recommendations from our team and how the organizing must be done.

Is Virtual Organizing All About Being Remote?

Yes and no. In case you were looking for it from the side of being able to organize your digital assets and files, we are here for it as well.

At West Palm Beach Home Organizers, we have qualified professional organizers who will take on the challenge of working around your documents, pictures, and any digital documents, and this can be done online.

However, some limitations can apply as we know people tend to have the information on their devices but not saved. In case this happens, we will resort to remote control or ensure you can have our support however you prefer to get this organization done.

Feel free to contact us for any of the two options and work with our qualified team. We will make sure to allow you to have a comfortable and functional system regardless of how and where.

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