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Northwood Village FL, West Palm Beach Home Organizers

Moving to a new place takes a lot of work. While some people will try to sell you the idea that relocating or going to a new home or office is simple and fun, you will realize soon enough it comes with lots of complications. At West Palm Beach Home Organizers, we know best as our company has been providing support to all new and old residents in Northwood Village, FL, for over 20 years. Our professional organizers, move day coordinators, and experts in the industry assist you in categorizing and decluttering your space to finally get all belongings packed, moved, and organized.

Our role during moving and relocation is focused on how we need to approach the entire process. Most homeowners and people overall will try to move without much thought into it what they take or not, and even when they want to approach it, they get lost in what should stay or not with them.

What we do is simplify this process and help you make decisions so that you take what is truly important and facilitate all processes in disposal, donation, and sales. While some items will have an emotional attachment, and you will want to keep others because you think they are important, it is about knowing how to prioritize and truly realize what is needed and what can be reobtained.

We help you through this all, and once the sorting and disposal are done, we start packing your belongings in a very specific way around the boxes, needs and to the point where you will be able to unpack and keep the same organization while establishing a simple and functional system in your new place.

Finally, more than moving or relocation, we still have your regular organization services along with 40+ other solutions.

Are Professional Organizers Expensive to Hire?

Yes and no. Everything will highly depend on the specific service and company you hire, the amount of work your property or space requires, and any particular requests or needs.

Overall, professional organizers charge between $42 and $98 per hour. However, some professionals will work more around your budget or establish an estimate per project, which can be more affordable and functional for some clients.

In our company, we love making it affordable and viable. Therefore, you will want to let us know about your budget, the specific needs you have, how we can support and help you, and schedule a free consultation so that we can give you a free estimate.

Moreover, we can work with both systems: per hourly rate or per project. This way, you have more options and variations in how you can finance and work with the entire organization in any space with our team.

Professional organizers tend to be considered a recurring service and need. However, with the system we try to create and establish for you, this shouldn’t be something to worry about since we aim for both short and long-term solutions for your organizational needs.

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