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Executive Relocation, West Palm Beach Home Organizers

Moving an employee or someone of high authority in your company or business can take a huge toll on this person’s lifestyle… and pocket. Therefore, you want to make sure you are covering all areas and providing full support throughout the process. Now, in case you are the one being moved, there is a lot to take care of: packing, moving vehicles, handling house-hunting trips, buying and selling new items, and so on. At West Palm Beach Home Organizers, our executive relocation service can cover all your needs as we handle the process and ensure the challenge and hassle are all taken care of.

Moving alone isn’t something that is easily done. You have to sort out your belongings, decide what will remain or what you will take with you, find a new place, and work on all the costs involving this. When you are trying to relocate due to work, things won’t get easier. In most cases, they even get a bit more challenging due to how the entire process needs to be sped up in order to provide support to the new working place.

As a company with over 20 years of experience that has been supporting all individuals, rest assured that our executive relocation handles all aspects of your needs and process:

  • We consider how to help you make decisions around the items that you have so that it is easier to sort out and ensure you know what to take or not.
  • Our team will handle costs and commissions by listing and arranging them. Of course, we will do our best to find reliable companies plus the best rates.
  • All short-term housing and moving all goods, including vehicles and massive belongings, will be carefully done.
  • Unpacking and arranging once arrived.

Steps in Making Executive Relocation Enjoyable

While relocating can be a hassle, it can also become enjoyable when you know how to do it and have proper support around it. Our role as professional organizers and coordinators is to make sure it is the latter.

The way we do it is by addressing your specific needs, finding the services you require for relocating, and ensuring all details go smoothly. However, you need to be actively involved in certain aspects:

  • When choosing the items you will take with you or not, while our organizers understand the basics of what can be sold or donated, we know some people have specific belongings they want and need to keep.
  • We will do it for you, but while we are at it, we create and establish a system and order so that once the unpacking comes, you can do it smoothly in case we aren’t required for this.
  • Setting a budget. Since all expenses will be considered, we need to know your budget or how the company is covering all the expenses during your relocation to a new area.

Our team needs to know some details of the relocation as well. While we don’t have to incur knowing the motive or reason itself, we do need to know whether you need to move more items from work or other spaces.

Finally, what are you trying to achieve during this entire executive relocation? In other words, is there any specific need you have we should know about besides the simple fact of having to move due to work? And in case you are the one requesting it for a worker and executive, what will you cover for the expenses, and how can we support this need as organizers and coordinators?

How Much Does Executive Relocation Cost?

The price will vary depending on how much work is involved and the specific tasks you are requesting us to handle for you. For instance, some clients need us to pack materials and belongings and deal with travel expenses. However, others need the full service:

  1. Packing.
  2. Unpacking
  3. Coordinating the move day.
  4. Travel expenses.
  5. Cover all storage.
  6. Facilitate disposal and donations.
  7. And much more.

At West Palm Beach Home Organizers, we don’t like providing an estimate without proper information about the project. However, most projects and executive relocations cost from $1.500 to $10.000, but this highly depends on how long this takes and the distance we have to cover or not.

Feel free to reach out today and inquire about how we handle the entire process and how much, on average, your executive relocation may cost for this new adventure and experience.

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